Google Voice and free calling extended thru 2011 in Gmail

Google Voice and free voice calling from Gmail page has been extended thru 2011. This means that it gives you one more year to call your loved ones for free in North America. This nice feature was introduced last year by Google to integrate their services and make more more users use them.

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15+ ways to find best deals for holiday shopping in United States

Holiday season is nearing and you always want to get the best price on the products you purchase. There are a lots of deals for laptops, cellphones, cameras, PCs, shoes, accessories, clothes etc. on Black Friday, Thanksgiving and upcoming holiday season. But how to find them? Which websites provide the cheapest deals? If you are looking for a comprehensive list of hot deals keep reading.

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Gmail gets a new logo and a refined homepage

Gmail has been the fastest growing email since its launch. By using Ajax and built-in text/audio-video chat the Google team eliminated the need to install external chat software.

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Compare Product Prices on ebay and Amazon before buying

Online shopping is a great way to buy products and get good deals. The two of the biggest online shopping centers are Amazon and ebay. They offer a wide variety of product purchase. But as a buyer one is always interested in knowing which would offer the cheapest rates.

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After Google, now instant search people’s tweets on Twitter

Twitter is a highly liked social networking platform. The mantra of success behind twitter is Keep it short and Simple. Twitter is often called a micro blogging tool on which you can connect with people, get news, follow topics etc.But with 140 characters a piece you need to be smart to express yourself.

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Build iphone and Android apps free and fast with Buzztouch

Do you like to build iphone or Android Apps without programming knowledge? Would you like to have a free open source tool which can automatically build apps for you in just a few clicks? If your answer to any of the above questions is “Yes” then Buzztouch has a solution for you.

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Gmail is now more native to iphone safari browser

If you go to from your iPhone’s safari web browser and  you will notice two improvements, rolled out by Google in the past few  weeks.

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Now Search web with Bing on any Android Mobile Device

Off-late, Microsoft has been working to provide Bing search engine on Android handsets. Starting today Bing search will be available on all major US mobile operators for Android Mobile users. Earlier Bing was only available for Verizon Mobile Phone users.

By making the application available on Android market place, more users of other mobile operators like AT&T, Sprint etc. can use Bing to search news, images, and other information required from the web.

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Create & Customize Facebook Fan pages without FBML Knowledge

Facebook, the most popular social networking website is also a great way to promote your business, blog or website by creating Facebook Fan Pages. With over 500 million users you can reach a broad niche of audience and readers. All big brands like Apple, have great pages.

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Convert Youtube and online Videos to different Audio formats

Youtube is the most popular platform and hosts many videos. The video sharing platform recently crossed 1 billion subscriptions. There are many live concerts and programs which people record and put on youtube. If you are looking for a free tool to download your favorite music from youtube this is the tool for you.

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