Top 6 WordPress Plugins must for Professional Blogging & weblog

WordPress is the hottest blogging Platform for bloggers around the world. The availability of so many plugins really makes it easy to work with it. That’s why its scores over blogger and is the universal choice of Professional Bloggers.

Though off late blogger has also joined the race by introducing blogger gadgets but these plugins are simply matchless. Here is a list of top 6 WordPress Plugins a Professional blogger must posses:

1.) All in One SEO Pack: Search Engine Optimization is by far the first word that comes from the mouth of any top blogger. To survive the fierce Competition in the blogging world SEO is very important and this plugin does exactly the same.

2.) WP-Contact Form: A good businessman is the one who holds good relationship with the customers as they are his asset. For a blogger his reader are his asset. Contact Form is necessary so that you are easily available to both readers and advertisers(when your blog is a hit)

3.) Sociable: This Plugin is sure for the taking to help your readers share the content across the Globe. Social Networks like StumbleUpon, Digg are famous in aggregating the social content and sending huge traffic to your blogs.

4.) WP-SpamFree: The biggest Problem with wordpress arises through spam comments. Spammers use robots to link to your site and it decreases the pagerank when more spam links attach to your site. Use this plugin to be spam free

5.) WP Security Scan: When a blog gets little popular the biggest threat is of getting hacked. WP Security Scan Tips you of the possible leaks in your security which may cause your wordpress to be hacked or attacked.

6.) Related Posts: This is one of the best plugin for showing related posts. The wide variety of YARPP makes it really special. You have multiple to display best related articles to your blog posts to engage more viewers to your blog content.

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