6 Simple Tips, Tricks for blogging, money and adsense placing

Do you want to drive more traffic to your blog??
Do you want to earn more money and become the next billionaire??
Do you want to know how to make money online??
Many a times you write good content but still find very less traffic coming to your site??
Are you tired of reading 46 or 50 or that many methods about increasing blog traffic??
If your answer to any of the questions is yes then don’t waste your time just read on.

According to a survey any user is at maximum 15 seconds to your web page. Its your art how you get a user stick to your and make them read your content web page. To ease your reading I have divided this article in two parts: (I) Layout  (II) Making Money Online

Here are simple tips and tricks which will change your world of blogging.

(I) Layout/Template

The layout, theme or template is a major factor which determines your presentation of the content to the reader. Here are some point for it.

(1). What should be the Type of template?- Have a simple & a sobour template.

(2). What should be the Background of template?- Use white background because readability wise its the best

(3). Content Compatibility- Use template according to content. A tech template wot look good for a spiritual blog and vice-versa. So pick template according to your content.

(4). Browser Compatibility- Check its compatibility with all browsers (Microsoft internet explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome etc.). Many a times some templates or theme work good for IE but not in firefox and vice versa

(II) Making Money Online

(5). Which Ads Network to use? Having personally gone through so many Adsense web sites, I can definitely say that google adsense has been the best player in the world market. There are other players like Adbrite, Agloco, Revenue pilot, yahoo, BidVertiser, msn adcenter, PepperJam Network who are similar to Google giving you good payouts. Another good reason to use text ads is that it does not make your blog heavy.

(6). Where to place my ads? Simple funda is to ensure that you dislpay ads at those places where they are viewed maximum. So the best places for ads are start and bottom of your article pr page. Readers naturally end at the bottom of the post. More ad users also tell me that a large 336 x 280 rectangle has earned them maximum profit. Another place is the side bar to place large rectangle.

Another important point that you should increase placing ads gradually. If you would fill the blog with ads at the start less users will stick to your blog in long run. After this setup you should read Professional Blogging series which explains tips, tricks and techniques become a Problogger. You follow these 6 simple methods and internet traffic & money will follow you.

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  1. Sahil says:

    awesome article thanks for sharing..

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