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How to add variable size Google News Widget to any website

I had discovered a method of fetching Google News for the search term of my choice to keep my users updated with the latest news on that stuff. But as it was an unofficial way I did not disclose it … Continue reading

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How to add Google Latitude or any gadget in your Gmail

Gmail is the hottest email client alive today. Not only emails sending or receiving you can do almost everything with your gmail. Gmail recently announced the arriving of Google Latitude to keep in touch with your family and friends.

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6 Simple Tips, Tricks for blogging, money and adsense placing

Do you want to drive more traffic to your blog?? Do you want to earn more money and become the next billionaire?? Do you want to know how to make money online?? Many a times you write good content but … Continue reading

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Best PowerPoint Presentation Tools and using ipod Presentations

The presentation of the work we do should be as effective as the effort put in doing it. Do you want to be the best and get your next presentation noted to your fellows. Let me present you some of … Continue reading

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Tips and Tricks to work on Windows(98, XP, Vista) better & faster

All these years we have been working on Windows but still strive to work fast on it. This article teaches you some simple yet powerful and efficient Tips and Tricks for working on Windows (98, XP, Vista) better and faster. … Continue reading

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Quillpad adds typing in Punjabi, Nepalese & other India Languages

Quillpad is an online typing toll which allows you to type your emails in popular Indian Languages. Quillpad which was launched in late 2006 uses unicode character typing technology that allows users to send e-mails in Indian languages .Off late … Continue reading

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Watch 3D View of Popular Tourist Places using Onion Maps

Onion Maps Inc. has moved a one step further to make the usage of Computer Based Maps of the World more interesting. Just like google maps the zoom feature in Onion Maps is excellent. The Navigation features are great which … Continue reading

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Tips to prevent Your Email Accounts from being hacked by hackers

When the internet world has progressed so much the communication worldwide has improved by leaps and bounds.Both informal and formal means of communication have improved. Formal in the sense that you can directly send your email to Larry of Google … Continue reading

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Clean, Cluttered, Free and Best Bandwidth Monitoring and Managing Tools

BandWidth Monitoring is essential when you are internet user to keep a check o n how much you download and upload data everyday. Not only this but if your Internet package you use is limited to some MB(s) or GB(s), … Continue reading

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Creating Photo Collages for MySpace, Twitter from Softwares,Facebook & Flickr

Collage is a beautiful representation of your photographs in a single place. Collage Works as a Memory Splasher by placing all photographic memories on a single platform. In this post we would discover some softwares and techniques on how to … Continue reading

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