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EA Spore Origins to feautre up in iPhone, Ngage and iPod touch

The small screen gaming action is getting bigger and bigger. In a recent conference at Singapore, on 18th September 2008, the gaming giant Electronic Arts has done some major announcement for mobile gamers. You would now see Spore Origins in … Continue reading

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Cardio Exercise may not be a Sure fire Answer for Your Health

Cry with me if this sounds familiar. You are ready for a new body. You have your new workout clothes, a new pair of running shoes, and even a new iPod to accompany you in your endeavors. You walk into … Continue reading

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Use SwtichAbit to tweet your updates from one platform to other

Looking to update many paltforms at a single click then SwitchABit is the answer. This new service SwitchABit acts as a virtual switch board for your updates from one platform to other. You just have to select the source (like … Continue reading

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Tips and Tricks to work on Windows(98, XP, Vista) better & faster

All these years we have been working on Windows but still strive to work fast on it. This article teaches you some simple yet powerful and efficient Tips and Tricks for working on Windows (98, XP, Vista) better and faster. … Continue reading

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Story of Mark ShuttleWorth the brave hearted CEO of Ubuntu Linux

South African magnate Mark Shuttleworth who already conquered space is a brave hearted CEO of Unubtux Linux. Shuttleworth made his fortune by selling an Internet company he started in his Cape Town garage. He then spent $20 million on becoming … Continue reading

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EASEUS Partition Manager Professional Edition 2.0 for Windows and Linux is free today

Looking for a clean management of your hard disk, then EASEUS Partition Manager is the answer to it.  This Partition Manager is the optimal solution to manage your hardisk and drives on your computers. The beauty of thsi software is … Continue reading

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Quillpad adds typing in Punjabi, Nepalese & other India Languages

Quillpad is an online typing toll which allows you to type your emails in popular Indian Languages. Quillpad which was launched in late 2006 uses unicode character typing technology that allows users to send e-mails in Indian languages .Off late … Continue reading

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4 major areas of research in Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining

Knowledge Discovery or Data Mining is the partially automated process of extracting patterns, usually from large data sets. Knowledge Discovery has been proven to be a promising approach for enhancing the intelligence of software systems and services. Research in this … Continue reading

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4 Valuable Tips to buy best Wireless HeadPhones for better sound quality

I was at a recent seminar of my final year projects where in many of my friends making voice recorders have been suggested to make such a system which could make the quality of sound better. As a matter of … Continue reading

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Use Yahoo Glue Pages for Single Click Internet Search in India

With the ever increase in the rise of the development in online internet searching in India, more and more focus is being laid on making your search easy, local and focused on Internet. Consider a scenario where you want to … Continue reading

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