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Body, Mind & soul the trio partnership of all living & human life

In this post we would explore some depths of the inter relationship of body (Physical or materialistic or visible structure) , mind (ineral body, non visible, thought machine) n soul (gelling force, instance of god). It is often confused that … Continue reading

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Gmail Updates and year round up for 2008 at digital world

As the calender year will change to 09 in a few days we take a round up of the new updates which have been readily added to Gmail this year. Lets take a ook back of all the major updates … Continue reading

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Make Free Calls to America and Canada with

With the advancement of technology many things are possible today. One such service is called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Utilising the efficiency of VoIP, allows you to make free calls to your friends and relatives in America.

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Top 6 WordPress Plugins must for Professional Blogging & weblog

WordPress is the hottest blogging Platform for bloggers around the world. The availability of so many plugins really makes it easy to work with it. That’s why its scores over blogger and is the universal choice of Professional Bloggers.

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Save your favorite web pages to read them later in Firefox

Read it later is an excellent Firefox addition which allows you to Save pages to a reading list to read when you have time. This all in one add on even allows you to View your list from anywhere with … Continue reading

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Gmail Labs: Convert your Gmail into Google Document

Get ready for the new feature unveiled by Gmail development team. No more copying and pasting the text from your email. Gmail now allows you convert your email into a gmail a document which is openable everywhere.

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Share or View multimedia in a 3-D environment with Cooliris

Cooliris is an excellent way to convert your browser into a full 3-D environment. Cooliris make it very fast way to search, discover, view and share online photos, videos and more.

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Orkut allows again to grab images from Profile Albums

I have received a lot of requests from many Firefox users round the world to help them the images they like in Orkut Albums of their friends. But there is a lot trouble to Firefox Users as Orkut had probably … Continue reading

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Increasing Atheism & wrong deeds in name of religion, Save us God

I do not believe in god, I’m an Atheist. I get to listen this statement from most of people who supposedly think there is something called God but they do not believe in it. Ha-ha! Even an atheist accepts that … Continue reading

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Slowly & Steadily blogging is picking up as a Profession in India

Are you blogging for hobby? No Are blogging for fun? No Then what are you blogging for? The answer is Making Money This is the answer you will soon be finding on the lips of many Indians as Professional blogging … Continue reading

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