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Collect your Favorite Flickr Photos and Wallpapers with Compfight

Flickr has been a hot bet for sharing photographs by people on internet. In this case you might need a comprehensive search engine to browse or collect your favorite Flickr Pics.

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Honey Google Just Blew it up: Google Search faced hiccups moments ago but recovered now

This is an udpate post for the previous post: Google Search harmful warning for W3 Schools & Google Webmasters & all websites. The world was taken aback as few hours ago Google was showing a message with all search results: … Continue reading

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Google Search harmful warning for W3 Schools & Google Webmasters & all websites

[Udpate: There is an update at the bottom] Exclusive:Google is putting a high security check on the websites these days. I have seen a sharp increase in Google’s strictness to monitor the websites. I was normally searching for CSS. … Continue reading

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Is Gdrive a way to Promote Google Products, Pack, Chrome also?

Google might be feeling very happy about it. As the speculation are building Prior to Gdrive’s release and some unofficial how to use Gdrive guides already out I decided to give my input to those guides on where Google will … Continue reading

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GDrive: Will it follow Google Apps Model or will it be totally free?

Google has worked on a very good product with (supposedly the name of Gdrive if the sources are to be believed) which will allows you to take online backup of your data.

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Security Warning: Chrome & Firefox open to Clickjacking & Hacking

Until now everything was fine. Hyperlinks and other links are shown on websites to help you visit additional websites, ads etc. But Stop! link clicking may lead you into a big trouble- the reason in Clickjacking. After security breach … Continue reading

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SEO guide: How to do best Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a mere buzz for more than 75% of the websites owners and bloggers round the world. You might have received thousands emails claiming to get you site in Top 10 searches of prominent Search … Continue reading

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Web at your doorstep: Gmail now available offline too

I was traveling a few months back from Hyderabad to Delhi in a flight back home. But before take off itself we were instructed to switch our cell phones so as to avoid any problems because of waves of the … Continue reading

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Apple’s App Store hits web: now browse itunes without software

This an exciting piece of news for Apple fans as Apple Apps have hit the web. This means you don’t need to install any specific software to browse Apple’s items or purchase them or look for any free app by … Continue reading

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5 Advantages for Productivity with Google Docs and Spreadsheets

The king of Internet business Google has simplified the technology for normal people using computer for common tasks. Google Docs & Spreadsheets has collaborated word processing, spreadsheets and presentations for quick use. There are several advantages for which you must … Continue reading

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