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Canadian Twitterers can enjoy free tweets on mobiles from Bell

Last week Twitter made a massive announcement at their blog by entering into two-way SMS service for Canadian Twitter-ers who are also customers of Bell Mobility.

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And now Google Adsense outage/downtime earnings unhurt

The Google lean patch of service freeze out seem to be far from over. Google has officially admitted that the Adsense service was down for about 90 minutes.The Gmail outage has just crossed over with a ViddyHo phishing scam also … Continue reading

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Blogger follow converted to Google Friend Connect

Blogger team has certain deserve a credit for promotion twin service of a blog with one. Google has now integrated Blogger Follow gadget to Google friend connect. Blogger joins an open network of websites already using Friend Connect and visitors … Continue reading

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How to send/email multiple attachments with a single click?

Until now if you wanted to send the different attachment you had to select them one by one or zip them in a single. Both were tedious jobs since the first takes more time and later has a potential threat … Continue reading

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Translate text or blog posts to 41 different languages

Many a times you read some text on internet, but it is not understandable since it is not in your language. But now A machine translator can solve your big problem by converting the text to your language.

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Security Alert: Save yourself from Gmail’s ViddyHo Phishing

After Gmail outage a new trouble awaits Gmail users. After the service of Gmail freezed for some hours spammers started their ploy to rack up the GMail users.

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Apple unveils Safari 4 beta dowload for Mac and Windows

Apple has opened beta download for Mac, Windows users and it has already claimed that Safari 4 is the World’s Fastest & Most Innovative Browser. Safari 4 will also be available for iPhone™ and iPod® touch.

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Gmail gets a look tweak for better tab adjustment

Many a times when you are working on your browser you wold notice that Gmail does not sow the count for any news incoming email. This is highly problematic if you are opened with 10 tabs within your browser.

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What went wrong in Gmail’s epic Fail & how to avoid time loss?

Google is certain going through a lean patch in the year 2009. In January we saw Google Search bot marking all sites as harmful to visit for almost two hours worldwide. Yesterday it was Gmail’s turn turn for an outage.

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Google apologises for Gmail Outage today

For most of you who woke up worldwide to start another a busy morning and you might have went to login into Gmail and many would have been surprised.

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