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DAP 9.1 just got better with Firefox integration

Download Acceleration Plus has evolved as one of the best download managers for on internet. The best feature I like about DAP 9.1 (currently the latest version of Download Accelerator Plus free version) is its seemless integration with web browsers.

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Sundri:The Brave Kaur – Movie DVD launched

“Sundri the movie” is the animated adaptation of Sundri: a revolutionary literary masterpiece of Saint, Poet and Padma Vibhusan Bhai Vir Singh Ji. The Vismaad Team sincerely hopes that this movie continues to inspire the humanity the same way as … Continue reading

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Students Credit Cards for easy money management

The art of saving money should start from a very early age. As we are going to be the future of this world we need to plan our economic growth so as to live happily and peacefully in life. One … Continue reading

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Google introduces news timeline & similar image search

The search engines are soon going to be more dynamic. It no more just search and go to the destination. The search engines plan to make your visit more time engaging.

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Initiation of Khalsa and the meaning 5 Ks in Sikhi

The 5 Ks taken together symbolise that the Sikh who wears them has dedicated themselves to a life of devotion and submission to the Guru. The Khalsa (Saint Soldier) is a formal name given to Sikhs who baptize to Sikhi. … Continue reading

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Get email recipients suggested automatically in Gmail

Many time we email in a day to family and friends. But being busy in working we may forget to send email to the desired receipts. But Gmail users seems to have found the solution to it.

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Oracle to buy Sun Microsystems in $7.4 billion

The business software maker Oracle Corporation is going to acquire the server giant Sun Microsystems in a deal of about $ 7.4 billion. After this Oracle will also be a leader in hardware side of the computers.

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Mortgage and Remortgage Services overview for you

Mortgage is a security over property given to the lender for the repayment of principal and the payment of interest on the loan. A mortgage over land is registered or noted on the Certificate of Title to that land. The … Continue reading

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Scholarships, enhancements and thin profits of Google

I was with a client today where we talked about SEO and our focus ultimately became Google and all. But today I received a news update from Google Sms that Google’s profits are falling in his recession. While that was … Continue reading

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High Quality MLS Across USA

Looking to sell a home in USA? Is your property agent of no value to you? Are you having Multiple Properties Across Different USA states like Georgia, Florida, Alabama, New York, New Jersey, California, Texas, Ohio, North Carolina, Michigan, Colorado, … Continue reading

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