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Gmail offers cheap solution for over flowing inbox and picasa albums

I remember Former CEO of Microsoft Bill Gates gave a very interesting statement: “The beauty of computer is it does not get heavy even if you store more”. This in fact symbolizes that data only need a physical address and … Continue reading

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Is gmail/Google in problem again? or my pc security: getting a 404/302 error

[Note: This post hasan  update (Google and Gmail were fine it was indded my network problem)…more at the below of post] Today wen I opened up gmail to check  my regular emails I got a 404 not found exception. I checked … Continue reading

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Admob: another acquired advertiser in Google’s kitty

Google is certainly set to make inroads in mobile advertising business. Last year Google had acquired double click to make its advertising reach rich media ads users also. Now its the time for some moile advertising in action.

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Gmail offers customization for offline use

To be productive in this fast paced world one must think ad act on multiple domains simultaneously. Similar to this one is the aim of gmail team who now offer selective downloading of email messages while working offline.

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