How to create video presentations and animated resumes through powerpoint

Life is moving fast and with IT sector is unable to absorb freshers, one needs to have that cutting edge to be a the heat and get over the top. As there is heavy job shortage in all sectors like Finance, Banking, IT etc. so one has to as presentable as you can to prove that you are the worth for the organization.

One such option is create your video resumes to post it on the internet to get your more exposure to recruiters. As they say “a picture is worth a 1000 words“- same way your video resume can describe maximum qualities and works to the organizations. But he point is how to create a video resume. We have the solution:

1.) Use Powerpoint: Just create a resume in PowerPoint, with pictures, audio, and other such to prop up your qualifications and experience. If you don’t have Microsoft Powerpoint then I recommend Open Office (which is free to download).

2.) Convert to video: As the size of your resume is quite heavy you wont be able to post it. Use authorSTREAM to convert your big ppt to small video. In fact, you can send files up to 1 GB hassle-free in minutes, without worrying about the Internet speed.

3.) Share/Send to people: Once the upload is over, you are now ready to share / send the file to any body across the world with in seconds.

Voila! Your video resume is ready for recruiters. That’s how easy it is to make video resume through Powerpoint. Huh!

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