Q: What is Digital World and What is the purpose of this site ?

A: Digital World Digital World is a web blog has a solid foundation in Technology, Free Softwares, Financial Planning, LifeHack, Producitivity, Online Utilities, Web Technologies, Blogging and is a complete guide to make your lives digitally better.

The Purpose of this blog is to help you manage you increase your Productivity and take the maximum advantage of the software tools and technologies. Digital World is one of the popular web blogs in the world with many articles and average traffic exceeding 10,000 page views per month.

Q: When this site started and Who is the author?

A: Digital World started in June 2008 and is written by Manpreet Singh.

Q: What does the blog title- “Digital World” and domain name “cyberspirits” mean ?

A: The term Digital World is inspired from Computers where we work on software rather than hardwares so all is electronic and digital. Cyberspirits has no specific meaning. Its inspired from my personal blog CYBER SPIRITS.

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