Android theme and 4 more launched for Gmail users

Gmail themes offer a nice way to customize the look and feel of your Gmail account. The good thing about these themes is that they are dynamic in nature. The look of your Gmail page can also be customized based on your location, climate, sunrise, sunset etc.

When you fill your location information in Gmail, it keep tracks of the climate around you. For example, if it is raining in your location then the background will change to a rainy one and if its hot outside then you will see a bright glaring sun.

Continuing the road of theme development, Gmail team has recently launched 5 new themes in which is a bit to choose for everyone. Simplicity lovers can select black and white, while nature lovers can go for tree tops theme.

Another interesting theme launched by Gmail team is the Android theme. This is dedicated to geeks and users of popular mobile operating system: Android.

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