Gmail gets a new logo and a refined homepage

Gmail has been the fastest growing email since its launch. By using Ajax and built-in text/audio-video chat the Google team eliminated the need to install external chat software.

Now after years of success and finally rolling out of beta, Gmail has got two changes:

1.) Logo: In the gmail logo the name of the company Google has been shifted to right. Earlier it was on the left.

2.) Homepage Makeover: New social icons for twitter, google buzz, facebook have been placed for users to connect with Google on social media. Footer Gmail blog link has been removed.

Hope this logo makeover and a more socialized homepage attracts more users to Gmail.

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3 Responses to Gmail gets a new logo and a refined homepage

  1. laptop says:

    hay google whey you guys are not security software ? why you guys are check the movie websites are safe and secure ? the some native language movie vedio are not secure . place do share location any of the website . and i hop you guys are creating free anti virus programs and check every website is safe

  2. Pete Buttress says:

    Why not just fix the things that needed fixing like your slowness and your freezing or loosing your memory ???

  3. Website says:

    the google logos gettin more comic style..i like it! :)

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