Google Apps or Microsoft Exchange? What’s better for your business

microsoft-exchange-vs-Google-AppsGoogle Apps is one of the products which both Individual and Enterprise love to use. I remember a few days back of getting a call from a friend on how to get Google Apps for my (his domain).

Though he is from non-IT background but this shows how even a rookie know that Google Apps are beneficial. Coming back to the post Google is holding an online event on how to Migrate from Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps.

They have used the same technique to show that Google Apps are better than Microsoft Exchange, the way Microsoft slammed Open source via their press release. The Google Enterprise blog says:

ASE Technology migrated from Microsoft Exchange and a Blackberry Enterprise Server to Google Apps and since then has used services like Google’s email and integrated IM to help field sales reps get faster answers from headquarters when they’re out with prospects.

Incidentally Jud Clift, President and Founder of ASE Technology will be one of the speaker at this 12th Feb, 2009 event where Google talks of its Apps advantages. As I have not seen Microsoft Exchange working so I cannot compare both of them.

But if you are looking to Migrate from Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps then surely join Google for this event on 12th Feb, 2009 by signing up here.

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