Security Alert: Save yourself from Gmail’s ViddyHo Phishing

After Gmail outage a new trouble awaits Gmail users. After the service of Gmail freezed for some hours spammers started their ploy to rack up the GMail users.


Screen Shot: Gmail's ViddyHo Phishing

The online service Twitter had a stream of complaints and warnings about the attack. This is much like Paypal phishing scam where you are asked to click something and then you are duped.

The particular tinyurl is being used for ViddyHo phishing. Adam @ Mashable also got this url in his IM. But the Google team was quick to react. Google team’s response (as published by NYtimes) says that:

“We have blocked the addresses being used to send these messages,” the statement read. “Users of Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome will receive a phishing warning when trying to visit the site.

While Google was busy unveiling some information on Google Search Appliance (GSA) and Google Toolbar 6 beta for Internet Explorer, I also hope to see their cautionary word on this phising at Google’s Official blog.

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