Tips to prevent Your Email Accounts from being hacked by hackers

When the internet world has progressed so much the communication worldwide has improved by leaps and bounds.Both informal and formal means of communication have improved. Formal in the sense that you can directly send your email to Larry of Google or the ex Chairman of Microsoft corporation Mr.Bill Gates or to Steve Jobs of Apple. Informal in the sense that storage space in email is so good to send your photographs, audio or video to family and friends.

But all things come with gain and loss. There is a huge need today to protect your email accounts from hackers. Here are some quick online tips to prevent your email(on Gmail, Yahoo or MSN) account from being hacked:

1.) Accepting Emails Invites: Earlier Gmail was by invites only. But Google and all other free email providers like MSN, Yahoo has opened registrations for all the people to use the Gmail directly. So do not accept email(Gmail, Ymail, Hotmail etc.) invites as hacker put their secondary mails in invites and can easily know your password by using forgot password optiom and later get it in their inbox.

2.) Putting up a good Secret Question: Secret question should be such that should be known to you only. But that does not mean that you keep it so tedious that you yourself forget. Keep it simple yet tedious and do remember its answer. Better option is to keep changing password and secret questions to keep hackers guessing.

3.) Use a working Secondary Email: This is by fr the most important point to prevent your email from being hacked. As explained earlier do not except invites now as Gmail is open for registration. Bu Don’t use put once and forget email. Working secondary email can also help you recover your lost password.

4.) Never login from Public Places: Unless and until your work is very important try avoid login in your email accounts from internet cafes or other public places. Most of them have key loggers installed which can easily copy yor passwords

5.)Sharing your passwords: This is a bad habit that if you can keep your password up to yourself how ca you expect the other being to do so. Please avoid sharing your passwords.

Hope these prove useful for you to keep your emmails accouts safe ad sound.

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4 Responses to Tips to prevent Your Email Accounts from being hacked by hackers

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  2. Miley says:

    Listen, I simply want to lock my email dude!! Isnt there a software or something to prevent this hacking thingy?

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  4. malik kahn says:

    iam expercing almost aweek some one is hacking my email please help me to get rid of this problum
    i dont want to change my email adress but i need to make my email adress secure.

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