Google Voice and free calling extended thru 2011 in Gmail

Google Voice and free voice calling from Gmail page has been extended thru 2011. This means that it gives you one more year to call your loved ones for free in North America. This nice feature was introduced last year by Google to integrate their services and make more more users use them.

If you do not live in US or Canada you can still avail this service at lower rates. This a small gift from Google to user for the new calendar year

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3 Responses to Google Voice and free calling extended thru 2011 in Gmail

  1. Dr.K.T.Jackson says:

    THANK YOU! Not to be ungrateful, however, I had always thought it was forever! I hope you do make it permanent within North America. :) I don’t want to see a bait and switch here. To make it a paid service, I believe the quality would have to be much, much higher than what it is now, instead of all the dropouts.

  2. uduman says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Pankaj says:

    I wish they’d provided the service for free in India as well..anyway thnx for the post.

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