Why Opt for ShudhRaktashodhak


With the increasing levels of pollution, the health of every one of us has started getting affected. This has deteriorated the levels of the food we consume so badly that nothing we get from the market to eat can be guaranteed to be 100% pure. Every food item is having some impurities. Some of these impurities are due to the soil in which the vegetables, fruits crops, etc. grow, whereas the others are due to the usage of chemicals for artificial growth of crops. There are other reasons for these problems also, which can be avoided if controlled.

This is so because alcohol gets mixed with the blood very easily and makes it impure. Whatever the reason might be, it is contaminating or blood and is proving to be very harmful to us. If the blood is impure, it will lead to improper functioning of the whole body. Some medicines like Shudh Raktashodak are a remedy to this problem.

Shudh Raktshodak is an ayurvedic medicine which helps in the purification of blood. It is made up of natural constituents like Sessam, Gulab, Neem, etc.

Before knowing what problems can be cured by this syrup, we need to know what all problems are caused by blood contamination. The most common problem caused by impure blood is skin infections. Blood contamination leads to pimples and acne on your skin. This irritates the skin. Also, if blood is impure, it leads to rashes on the skin. Along with all these problems, if blood is not able to transport essential nutrients to all the parts of the body, it will lead to the skin becoming pale and lack of nutrients in many parts of the body, which can increase the affinity to diseases. s

Shudh Raktashodhak Syrup helps as an antidote to most of these problems. Along with this, the constituents it contains such as neem have been helping people cure various other diseases over the years. Neem, for example, is found to be good for curing problems such as cough and cold, stomach infections, etc. Another constituent rose petal is also a very good natural medicine for controlling acidity. Tulsi is one of the oldest and the best natural medicine, which is considered to be the best in strengthening the immune system, is also one of the constituents.