Now you can make Free Phone Calls to anyone from Gmail

It is a very good news for Gmail users, as now you can make free calls to anyone who resides in US and Canada right within your gmail. Google team has made its possible by integrating voice and video chat feature with their google voice service. Here is a small teaser from Gmail about their new service:

The users who do not live in Canada or US can still avail this service and call their loved ones even at international locations at very low rates. For example people living in US can call their Indian relatives for a mere 6 cents per minute. See full rate list here to see what rate applies to the country you want to call in.

So to get started with Gmail; Call to phones service you need to follow these steps:

1.) Register Google Voice Numbers. (See instructions here)

2.) Install Google Voice Video Plugin.

3.) See rate list to call the people you want to.

For more information, visit

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