Gmail offers cheap solution for over flowing inbox and picasa albums

I remember Former CEO of Microsoft Bill Gates gave a very interesting statement: “The beauty of computer is it does not get heavy even if you store more”. This in fact symbolizes that data only need a physical address and location a a media for storage. Which is off course too simple. But the problem starts arising when that media is full itself.
Coming to Google it has offered many free products all the while for users which included Picasa, blogger and off course Gmail, many others. But the problems is space is limited for each users. What if I need more space when I run out of it.

Starting from today you can buy 20 GB for only $5 a year, twice as much storage for a quarter of the old price, and enough space for more than 10,000 full resolution pictures taken with a five megapixel camera. So enjoy un-interrupted storage of emails and photos with Google.

Source- Gmail weblog

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  1. teresa Militao says:

    I have reached the offered free 7 gb.I started to delete the emails, in order to recover the space, but without results.
    Could you help me to regain that 7 gb of free space?
    Thank you for helping me.

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