Different Types of Dead Body Freezer Box

Dead body freezer box also called a dead body box, mortuary box, and dead body icebox is a freezer box that is used to preserve the dead body from decomposition for some time.  The box has a cabinet to place the human corpse and have a mechanism to keep the cabinet at a lower temperature.

Types of Dead body freezer box

  • Fully covered dead body freezer box


In this freezer box, the entire outer body part is covered by stainless steel with a cabinet to place the dead body. The cabinet temperature is in the range of 0 to 8 degrees Celsius. This type of freezer box is used for storage and where there is no need to display a dead body to others. This type of dead body freezer box in Noida is also used for dead body transportation from one place to another.

  • Dead body Display freezer box

In this, the lower half of the freezer box is made up of stainless steel and the upper half is made up of glass to display. This has a cabinet to place the dead body and to maintain the temperature in the range of 0 to 8 degrees Celsius.  This type of box is usually used for the display of dead bodies as a part of rituals before cremating the body. This is the most general dead body freezer box and therefore its availability is also high. Sometimes this type of freezer box is also used for long-distance dead body transportation by road.

  • Fully glass fitted dead body freezer box

In this, the freezer box is made of glass and the internal cabinet is there to place the dead body at a lower temperature.  This model is rarely available and is costly than the normal freezer box. This model is only used for the display of the diseased person before the cremation.

  • VIP and VVIP Freezer box

This freezer box is specially designed for displaying the body of VIP personalities, Politicians, soldiers and celebrities.  They have special design patterns on top of the outer body that gives it a grand look. It has decorations including silver or gold plating to make it look premium and has a wider display panel.  These boxes have special materials inside the dead body cabinet and the motor is used for freezing will be of better quality than usual.

When a dead body laid outside the freezer box, it is prone to decomposition due to the elements of weather and outside environment. Hence, to preserve it from decay, a dead body freezer box comes to use. Dead body freezer box doesn’t stop the dead body from decomposing. It only slows down the process of decomposition due to a lower temperature. The majority of dead body freezer boxes avoid decomposing for 24 to 48 hours depending upon the freezing temperature and the materials used. You can ask from the hospital staff or search it online to get the dead body freezer box on hire in Noida.