RockMelt: the new social web browser to use cloud computing

RockMelt is a new next gen web browser which allows you to do multiple things at one. Also known as social web browser, RockMelt is built on top of Chromium the open-source project base on Google’s Chrome. It has been launched today and the team behind the RockMelt browser includes Netscape founder Marc Andreessen.

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Android theme and 4 more launched for Gmail users

Gmail themes offer a nice way to customize the look and feel of your Gmail account. The good thing about these themes is that they are dynamic in nature. The look of your Gmail page can also be customized based on your location, climate, sunrise, sunset etc.

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Now you can make Free Phone Calls to anyone from Gmail

It is a very good news for Gmail users, as now you can make free calls to anyone who resides in US and Canada right within your gmail. Google team has made its possible by integrating voice and video chat feature with their google voice service. Here is a small teaser from Gmail about their new service:

The users who do not live in Canada or US can still avail this service and call their loved ones even at international locations at very low rates. For example people living in US can call their Indian relatives for a mere 6 cents per minute. See full rate list here to see what rate applies to the country you want to call in.

So to get started with Gmail; Call to phones service you need to follow these steps:

1.) Register Google Voice Numbers. (See instructions here)

2.) Install Google Voice Video Plugin.

3.) See rate list to call the people you want to.

For more information, visit

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Intel to acquire Mcafee

The hardware PC giant Intel is all set to uproar software industry with their announcement on acquiring the antivirus giant Mcafee for a whopping $7.68 billion deal (more than what Oracle paid to acquire Sun Microsystems). The actual per share is $48 which Mcafee will get for it s acquisition by Intel. According to Intel’s newsroom:

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Free Font Converter tool for web and graphic designers

Fonts are the way to express and digital content to your readers. The better visible, clear and attractive your font is, the more is your chance to makes readers happy. Are you looking for a tool which can allow you to convert fonts between formats of your choice without the hassle of installing any software on your computer?

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Build Android Apps in minutes with Google App Inventor

Following the Microsoft’s .NET way, Google is developing a tool known as App inventor. With App Inventor you can develop Android apps by just dragging and dropping the item. The rest of background code is taken care of by App Inventor. Here is a sneak peek into the Google’s latest Creation:

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Pirate Bay, Pirated

A group of hackers from Argentina have broke into the database of and hacked the Internet’s largest torrent search engine, exposing user names, Internet addresses, and (MD5) hashed password data on more than 4 million users. It is the use of torrents where people also download pirated copies of original software and pirate bay has been under tight scrutiny.

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Photoshop CS5 Content Aware Fill/Edit feature – simply amazing

Editing images in photoshop can be a tedious job. You have to blur or cut or erase unwanted portions many times which takes a lot of time. For example you want the sky behind the tree. Its difficult and you might have to patch it after taking out tree.

But Photoshop CS5(still to come out) content aware fill/edit feature which allows you to simply click on the unwanted portions and they will be gone forever. Do not believe it see the video below from the Adobe Photoshop team.

Will make life hell lot easier for designers.

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Google to serve better ads without reading your emails

In a recent blog post on Gmail blog, Google have put to rest all the controversies surrounding their policy of serving advertisements along your electronic mails coming in gmail inbox. But many wonder how does Google do it? Do they read your emails to serve ads?

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Tweet your blog updates from Feedburner’s Socialize option

Twitter has been the hottest commodity of use in social media. Right from common man to sportsmen to celebrities to news channels and even politicians use twitter as a source to interact with the world.

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