1984 Anti Sikh Riots – The real Scenario of Delhi and India – II

This part is continuation with 1984 Anti Sikh Riots – The real Scenario of Delhi and India – I

While we watched the aftermath of the hatred and violence in Jahangirpuri, the enormity of the tragedy hit home. We spoke to people and got to know that local policemen and Congress workers from Haryana and the neighbourhood had ganged up against the Sikhs in the basti. Not all of them, but some of them.

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How to create video presentations and animated resumes through powerpoint

Life is moving fast and with IT sector is unable to absorb freshers, one needs to have that cutting edge to be a the heat and get over the top. As there is heavy job shortage in all sectors like Finance, Banking, IT etc. so one has to as presentable as you can to prove that you are the worth for the organization.

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Google Maps and My Google Maps for users to search world places

Google has done a marvellous job in every field they have stepped into. Instead of usi their work force they are involving world as a work force. After Launching Google Maps they want to reach out every common man. The advantages of Google Maps are:

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Blu Ray Disk Technology, Sony Blu Ray Disks to replace DVD

Have you every wondered to take the back up of your favorite movies, videos or audio or any data into a single disk. Though DVDs came up with the possible solution with 2 to 4 GB of disk space but its never easy to have all the series or parts of those movie like (Part I, Part II, Part III and so on…) into a single disk.

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Google launches Adsense for Games today after acquiring Adscape

Google has announced today the beta launch of its Adsense program for Games. After the acquisition of AdScape, Google aims to place ads within online games. As a beta user of Adsense for Games, you can display video ads, image ads, or text ads within your online games to earn revenue.

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Mail Googles prevent accidental email sendings that you may regret later

Prevent yourself from sending wrongly motivated emails. Google has introduced new feature in Google labs from where you can adjust the bewitching hours where you are drunk or not in right frame of mind. Called “Mail Goggles,” the Gmail add-on makes sending e-mail from Gmail more difficult during certain times that you can set manually.

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Google free group SMS from Google Labs India uses intellisense

Google has just launched free group SMS for people of India. But Google has started showing its colors on why they are at the top. I recently noticed all the messages I received automatically used popular short forms making the message really SMS type.

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6 Simple Tips, Tricks for blogging, money and adsense placing

Do you want to drive more traffic to your blog??
Do you want to earn more money and become the next billionaire??
Do you want to know how to make money online??
Many a times you write good content but still find very less traffic coming to your site??
Are you tired of reading 46 or 50 or that many methods about increasing blog traffic??
If your answer to any of the questions is yes then don’t waste your time just read on.

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authorSTREAM: share and convert your ppt to youtube videos

authorSTREAM is an excellent platform for sharing your Powerpoint Presentations online. Author Stream has moved one step ahead of SlideShare by providing the users a support of converting presentations to make them ready for your ipods or convert your presentations into video format (mp4), if you have set up ‘Rehearsed Timings’ or have recorded audio ‘Narrations’ in your Powerpoint presentations.

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Leasing Services- A budgetary management tool to expand business

To avoid buying and borrowing things the best practice is go for leasing. Over the time leasing has emerged as the best budgetary management tool. The best example can be seen for MNCs having huge capitals but they still prefer leasing lands. They do so because many a times a country changes is tax and monetary policies for foreign owners. In this case leasing is the best as one can shift the base very easily. Having said that owing a land will lead them to trouble.

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