After Google, now instant search people’s tweets on Twitter

Twitter is a highly liked social networking platform. The mantra of success behind twitter is Keep it short and Simple. Twitter is often called a micro blogging tool on which you can connect with people, get news, follow topics etc.But with 140 characters a piece you need to be smart to express yourself.

Talking of being fast and smart, Instant Search is a good example of it. Google launched, Google Instant Search two months back and is reaping monetary benefits as well a better user experience. Following the lines of Google, a new tool which allows you to instant search tweets has been rolled out.

TwitInstant allow to search tweets and topics instantly as you type. I tried it out and the system works really fast. Good Work done by the developer behind TwitInstant Search Engine for Twitter.

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2 Responses to After Google, now instant search people’s tweets on Twitter

  1. Jon says:

    Twitstant added some new cool features since this post!

  2. Manal says:

    DataSift’s relationship with Twitter has made it a very successful platform. So efficient at getting all the relevant data in real-time from Twitter, Facebook, Sixapart, Digg, GoogleBuzz and WordPress. Not limited to any social media source. Not only can you get all the info in real time but you can control it how you like. Augmentations range from language, sentiment analysis to filtering by demographics and geography. Real-time data literally at your fingertips. Impossible to miss out on anything. Try here-

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