First Prakash of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji (Sri Adi Granth Sahib)

Sri Guru Arjan Dev ji (5th guru of sikhs) gave a central place of worship to the Sikhs in Sri Harmandir Sahib in Amritsar, Punjab(India). What now Guru Ji wanted was a scripture for Sikhs. So Guru Ji collected the hymns of the first 3 Gurus and some Bhagats from Bhai Mohan, the son of 3rd Guru, Sri Guru Amar Das ji and added to them the GURBANI(hyms) of thy father i.e. 4th Guru Sri Guru Ramdas ji, and thy own.

Guru Arjan Dev ji got the Adi Granth written by Bhai Gurdas ji. Guru Arjan Dev ji gave the copy to Bhai Bano for binding. Bhai Bano ji took the adi granth sahib ji for binding to Lahore and on the way prepared a copy. This is known as Bhai Bano’s copy. Guru Arjan Dev ji got the original after binding. After that the installation of the adi granth sahib at Harmandir Sahib in 1604. Baba Buddha were appointed as its first Granthi or keeper.

Guru Arjan Dev ji sat below Bhai Mohan’s attic serenading him on his tambura. Mohan was disarmed to hear the hymn. Bhai Mohan came downstairs with the Adi Granth Sahib and presented these to the Guru. As says the Gurbilas, the Adi Granth Sahib were placed on a palanquin bedecked with precious stones. The Sikhs carried it on their shoulders and Guru Arjun walked behind barefoot. Guru Sahib refused to ride his horse, saying that the Adi Granth Sahib were the very spirit of the four Gurus—his predecessors.

The cavalcade broke journey at Khadur Sahib to make obeisance at shrines sacred to Guru Angad Dev Ji. Two kos from Amritsar, it was received by Hargobind, Guru Arjun’s young son, accompanied by a large number of Sikhs. He bowed at his father’s feet and showered petals in front of the pothis. Guru Arjun Dev ji,Guru Hargobind Sahib, Bhai Gurdas and Baba Buddha ji now bore the palanquin on their shoulders and marched towards Amritsar, led by musicians, with flutes and drums.

In Amritsar, Guru Arjun Dev ji first went to the Harimandir Sahib to offer karahprasad in gratefulness. To quote the Gurbilas again, an attractive spot in the thick of a forest on the outskirts of Amritsar was marked out by Guru Arjun. So dense was the foliage that not even a moonbeam could pray into it. It was like Panchbati itself, peaceful and picturesque. A tent was hoisted in this idyllic setting. Here Guru Arjun and Bhai Gurdas started work on the sacred volume.

Guru Arjun Dev ji directed that during daytime the Adi Granth Sahib should remain in the Harimandir Sahib and by night, after, Sohila was read, the Adi Granth Sahib should be taken to the room he had built for himself. As evening advanced by two watches, Bhai Buddha recited Sohila and made the concluding ardas or supplication. The Granth Sahib was closed and wrapped in silks. Bhai Buddha held it on his head and marched towards the chamber indicated by Guru Arjun Dev ji. The Guru led the sangat singing hymns.

The Adi Granth Sahib was placed on the appointed seat, and the Guru slept on the ground by its side. Daily, in the small hours of the morning as the stars twinkle in the pool below, the Adi Granth Sahib is taken out in state to the Harimandir Sahib and brought by night to rest in the room marked for it by Guru Arjun Dev ji. The practice continues to this day. But the volume is not the same. That original copy was taken to Kartarpur when Guru Arjun’s successor, Guru Hargobind Sahib, left Amritsar in 1634. There it passed into the possession of his grandson, Dhir Mall. It has since remained in that family.

To see the wallpaper on Guru Sahib click below:Wallpaper of Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

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