Chamkaur Battle: 40 sikhs of Guru Gobind Singh vs 10 lac army

Never heard, Never thought, Never imagined..Is that possible? 40 brave men taking head on fight with a huge army of 10 lac people and emerging victorious! But who were these 40 men Im talking about? These 40 were sikhs who fought under the leadership of 10th sikh Guru Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Indian historians have been very biased in mentioning such events of glorious sikh history where sikhs have not for their interests but for India to save it ancient culture, people and religion(Hinduism). That’s the glory of Khalsa (the saint soldier) created by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

I personally experienced the same biased behavior in the educational system of India. Either its the sacrifice of 9th Sikh Guru Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji (who gave his head not for himself but for saving Hindu religion) or the sacrifices of 5 and 7 year old young sons of Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji who were bricked alive at Sirhind for not accepting Islam.

How great were those young sikh saints of 5 and 7 year old would have been who refused to bow to the tyrant mughal regime in India when lakhs and crores of Hindus at that time could not raise a single voice against them and forcefully accepting Islam.

Having said that when you study the history books prescribed to schools all over India by NCERT which are having the stories of those of Asokas, ChandraGuptas and then about the tyrant Islamis Regime of Baabar, Jahangir, Aurangzeb.

The strange thing is that we are still the slaves of those Islamic rulers by mentioning them in bold in our Indian history rather than mentioning the great sacrifices of sikh martyrs who gave everything of theirs for India. Also to my surprise Sikh Gurus who always spoke against injustice of the tyrant rulers have no or very little mention.

Coming to the 40 vs 10 lakh battle, it happened in Chamkaur Sahib where 40 sikhs along with 10th Sikh Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji fought this battle under Guru Ji’s leadership. The planning was such that Guru Ji sent sikhs in a group of 5 and with the power spiritual meditation(Bhakti) and martial training (Shakti), a single sikh soldier fought with and handled 1000s(thousands) of mughals on their own.

In this battle two elder sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji also fought whom Guru Ji himself sent and asked them to take enemy head on. They both fought bravely and confronted the huge army of enemy.

When we look at the history of great warriors and kings of the earth, on one side is King Dashrat(a father who could not face Lord Ram 14 year exile(vanvaas)) and Raja Dashrat died in the love of Ram. Same way Jesus Christ as a father could not withstand his son being killed in front of him and asked the enemy to cover his eyes with a black cloth as he could not withstand such an incident.

Even Mahara Pratap a brave warrior also surrendered in front of Akbar as he could not withstand the hunger of his daughter. How great a father was Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji was who himself sent his sons to battle field saying “Go son I want to see you fighting for truth, humanity and save this country(India) from the clutches of slavery”.

This battle was hard fought and sikhs won it with the grace of Almighty.An unbiased Muslim writer Hakim Allah Yar Khan Jogi Says: “Teerath hai dharti pe do ik Chamakaur ik Sirhind,Katwaye jaha Baap ne Chaar apne Farzand”(There are only two pilgrimages in this world One is Chamkaur and other is Sirhind where four sons were sacrificed by Dhan Guru Gobind Singh for religion).

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34 Responses to Chamkaur Battle: 40 sikhs of Guru Gobind Singh vs 10 lac army

  1. Matharu says:

    Bole so nihaal….sat sri akaal…

  2. History Analyst says:

    Its pretty amazing. The battle of Chamkaur was the greatest act of bravery in history. It took the mongols mughals 1 lakh (100 000) soldiers just to bring down 1 of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jis childern. “Even the strongest of men looked as if they had lost their mental balance” Guru Ji wrote. A huge portion of the army started to flee in the battle, since they had never seen the blood from their fellow soldier being cut by a sword. They definately never seen such massive warriors, warriors that reached 8ft in length. Carry 7ft swords. They fought the mughal rajput soldiers on the battlefield, this was not a battle were they were shooting arrows and hiding. NO NO Akalis is the army of God. Akalis comes from the greek Achilless. Akalis means death less beings, beings that will stop bullets, beings that bow the conquerer of death, who is God, the master of the universe. The Chali Mukte-40 immortals are the 1s who fought at the battle of chamkaur. This is the greaest battle in history. Ive studied sikh history, mongol history, greek history, spartan history, and persian history. NEVER HAD AN ARMY FOUGHT SUCH A BATTLE, AND WON. They brought down half of the mughal army, I think 1 lakh of the army fled. There wasn’t much of the army left after that. But hey, this was just one of the battles that The Mukte, or Akalis fought. They fought other battles with 4000 vs 30 000. 15 000 vs 155 000. So on. They fought every day. Theres a lot of Sikh warriors. but the strongest of sikh warriors are Akalis 1600-1700. They fought the turks, afghans, persians, mongols, mughals, rajputs, rajas, iranians, indo-turks, indo-aryans, and so on. Pretty much any army that was in asia in the 1600-1875 i think. The most amazing thing about it is, that the Sikhs did not even have 100 000 in population by 1785. Now how is that for an army. Theres armies, then there Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jis Akalis. Akalis battles are unbelievable, study them. WOW.

    • GURMIT says:


  3. History Analyst says:

    It was Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jis 2nd oldest son Baba Jujhar Singh Ji that said one of the most important and infleuncial quotes in sikh history. He said to Sri Guru Ji:::: let me go where my brother has gone. I am a Sikh of great Guru Nanak , and I will prove that — THE TRUTH IS STRONGER THAN GUN AND MILLION CAN BE DEFEATED BY ONE. They really proved that. That 10 lakh are nothing compared to the Chali Mukte-40 immortals. Bhram Gianis, Akalis Nihang Jis. Without fear. The Akalis did not believe in just dieing in battle, they believed in dieing the GRANDESS of deaths. To fight with you’re head on you’re palm, to fight against 125 000 soldiers, and win the battle alone. To fight after 10 arrows have pierced you’re body. Really they were something to watch in battle. They ranked 8ft in length some of them, but every single sikh warrior, immortal, Akali, Nihang or GurSikh they all carried 100-200lb swords. Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Ji, one of the greatest warriors EVERR IN HISTORY, swang a 160lb sword. Wow. He fought with his head on his palm. He always mediated 101 Japji Sahib Paat every day. Sat Sri Akal

    • harman says:

      its true nowhere from history we can get such a example of bravery and valour.but i want to correct here that shaheed baba deep singh ji never use to meditade japji sahib 101 times in particular.meditating japji sahib 101 times have no relevance in sikhism.its not bound for a sikh to meditate japji sahib continuosly for a particular number of i request u to plz see to it.

      • Harmandeep Singh Nizamniwala says:

        I agree with u completely . there is no room for nos and days in sikhism . it again makes us the hindus who practice this . we respect their faith , but should not follow them. rember ” jab lag khalsa rahe niyara , tab lag tej deyo main saara..
        jab eh gahe bipran ki reet main karoon in ki parteet.”

  4. joban singh says:

    @History Analyst
    veerji, where did u get all these numbers and facts from?

  5. 40 Immortals says:

    Its a pretty amazing battle. I agree with the above posts, pretty much was the greatest battle in human history, if you take into account that the swords stopped cutting through flesh. It also took the mongols about 200 000 soldiers to defeat the 5 sikhs that were on the battlefield with Baba Jujhar Singh Ji. But this is just one battle that the sikhs fought. I kid you not, the sikhs fought alot more battles like this. They fought even greater battles. The sikhs did not believe in accumliating land. But they believed in being the greatest and most feared army in history. They obviously achieved that. Even the great Alexander could not win against the hindus with their mad elephants. Thats probaly the most contervorsial battle in history. Some people say he won, most say he did not win. Even now greek historians are saying there was no way the Great Alexander could win in india on his second visit. It was immpossible. The greeks were no sikhs, they never fought without heads, they were human like everyone else. But greek historians also said that 300 was a real battle. It was not. It was 300 Spartans, and 10 000 greek soldiers against 100 000 persian soldiers. The persians ruled 4/5th of the entire world for centuries. A lot more then the greeks ever ruled. Xerces was not a show boat. He was an admirable king, who showed great devotion in his God. He had to fight a lion to become persian king, son of Dairrius. I am not to sure if the spartans came before or after Alexander. But the spartan battle was after Dairrius i think. Because dairrus was xerces father.

  6. 40 Immortals says:

    My Sikh brother. The army you talk of is Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jis army. They were Akalis, Bhram Gianis, Death less beings. If you want to really find out about them then read the Gurbani of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji king of kings. He was the sole reason Bhadhur Shah became heir to Aurzengabs vast empire. The Akalis under the command of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji brought down any army they ever faced. Did you know that they had nothing to eat ever ? They never sticked in a place, except where the battle of chamkaur took place. But way before that they were traveling constantly, they use to eat leaves…but they never shrunk, never lost their strength. They were really immortal. Some of them fought even when an enemy soldier had cut their head off. Remeber Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Ji, they were like him. He fought with his head on his palm. He fought until the age of 75. He carried a wopping 160lb double eged sword. He fought 125 000 soldiers and won ALONE. That was his test to be truly an Akalis (Bhram Giani). Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji our great and amazing 10th Guru of sikhism said his sikhs will fight 125 000 soldiers alone. They did. Thats why the number sava lakh (125 000) is so important in the sikh religion. In the battle of chamkaur the mongolians (mugols)…mongol is the correct name for the muslim rulers of india, did you know they surronded the sikh warriors shot arrows at them. In the first day of battle the mongols did not even come close to the sikh wall, they were terrified. The mongol general Nahar Khan, he was very feared by any army that fought him. But it was him who was so terrified of the sikh army. He started to cry, he did not even step out in the battle field. He hid for 3 whole days behind the wall, until he finally retreated with a great majority of his troops. The battle of chamkaur. It took at least 10 000 enemy soldiers for every 1 sikh. Not to mention the Akalis which were use to fighting 125 000 or sava lakh. Sat Sri Akal. What a fine religion and history of bravery and warriors we sikhs have.

  7. @ 40 Immortals..I think you have good historical background..But one thing what you said that Sikhs wanted to be the greatest army is not right..We Sikhs took to sword that time because innocent people were killed..Guru Gobind Singh Himself said: “CHUNKAR AZ HAMA HEELTE DARGUZASHST, HALAL AST BURDAN SHAMHER DAST.(When all peaceful means of settlement are exhausted, IT IS JUSTIFIED TO TAKE UP THE SWORD (against tyranny for justice).

    It was the Aurangzeb who was doing so many evil things and it was only the mighty and truthful sword of Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj which could crush that tyranny and save India.

    Kavi Santokh Singh Ji said: ‘paap hu parpak jaatai, dharma dhasak jaatai, varan garak jatai sahit bidhan ki, devi dev dehre Santokh Singh door hote katha mit jaatee reet bedan puran ki, Shri Guru Gobind Singh Pavan param shoor moorat na hoti jaupai kaurana-nidhaan ki’. (meaning: But for the infinitely kind intervention of Dhan Guru Gobind Singh, the bravest and the purest of warriors, Islam would have engulfed the entire subcontinent to Islam, as they taken over the Buddhist nations like Afghanistan, Indonesia, etc. & forcefully on the point of sword converted them to Islam. Even Indians would have faced the same wrath had not Guru Ji saved them)

  8. V says:

    i hope someday i make enough money to make a movie like 300 on chamkaur battle.

    People need to know.All has been suppressed.
    There’s so much biasing here.Damn these politicians

    • Harmandeep Singh Nizamniwala says:

      @ v , yeah i agree with u . we need to make a herioc movie like 300 on our battles, but we ourselves enjoy to watch the worthless movies like “mel karade rabba ” and others . we need to change our taste regarding punjabi movies.

  9. Amritpal Singh Khalsa says:

    Thanks Veer Ji for such a nice post, you are right when you say there is hardly any mention of the Sikh Gurus in our History books.

  10. Zuber Singh says:

    Even the battle of Mukatsar, forty Sikhs fought against 5000 mughals.apparently, these 40 Sikhs took down 3000 mughals and captured the only pond.making the 2000 mughals die of thirst.this is the power of Amrit and path.Pathh makes a man fearless and uncaring for life. Amrit makes you strong and fills you with such divine strength which makes you win against sava lakh men. Gatka also plays an import role in battles. it helped the Sikhs greatly in many battles including the Afghan-Sikh all these historic movies,they should show Sikhs fighting with Gatka.

  11. Manpreet says:

    @ Zuber Singh Ji, you are absolutely right..The Khalsa is a Saint Soldier and complete form of a Sikh. Amrit makes a person a saint as well warrior, a person who always does justice even when holding a sword..

    Now the scenario is changing..Sikhs are getting respect in more spheres of life and films in Bollywood showing sikhs is apparent of that..

    Soon we will see Battle of Saragarhi, 1897 in which Sanjay Dutt will play Hawaldar Isher Singh, the captain of 21 brave sikh martyrs who took on 1000s of French while fighting for Britishers and won it without fear of death.

  12. I’m a Sikh and I knew it before but still I opted to read it fully, and was amazed to get you viewpoint of education system (being ruled by those mughals). you have put something that’s not observed by everyone. Great. Done a brilliant job. The point needs to be spread and people need to be made aware. I would also put something in relevancy to this at my blog. Hope I would also be able to do something for the world’s BRAVEST, PUREST, community….
    Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa
    Waheguru Ji ki fateh

    • ranjak agarwal says:

      hi man… im a hindu and im from india… well to regarding the post that there is no teaching about the sikhs in the educational system of india..the writer is very true if you see the hindi curriculum… after reading it i contacted ncert chief, the curriculum maker and sought answers from him.. he told me that if they right it then students will fight among themselve… the muslim students will fight with the sikhs about who is superior, this will not cause the rift at that time but after they become adult in future they will remember the rift in there childhood and this will enlarge the sectionist and hardliner feelings in them.. something which we are seeing in the muslims of afghanistan and pakistan being thaught about there brave ancestors they are now extremist of there society… but this religious teaching is mandatory if you take up punjabi in your school or join a punjabi medium school… indian education system doesnt tell about the hindu massacre by mughals and muslim massacre by rajputs and shivaji… all not to instigate seperationist feeling in the ppl…

      • Manpreet_Singh says:

        First of all that a sincere thanks for taking out your time to contact NCERT chief & seeking direct answers from the authorities. Its not just Hindi books but by and large even the social studies books have those biases. So this disease of not mentioning sikhs history is wide spread in school books. Now all your comments would be answered in a sorted & best possible manner:


        students will fight among themselve… the muslim students will fight with the sikhs about who is superior, this will not cause the rift

        The question here is not who is superior or who is not, the basic fact of the matter is that what is true, needs to be told to the people. If it is a case of causing rifts or superiority then my first argument is why do hindi books have poems and articles on Rani Lakshmi Bai?(“Khoob Ladi Mardani Wo o Khansi Wali Rani thi“). Are those historical facts non violent? and wont they create superiority in those belonging to the Lakshmi Bai’s Caste, state or Clan?

        2. )

        this will enlarge the sectionist and hardliner feelings in them

        Another poem in the NCERT books for class 9th (which author of this article still retains a copy of) has Poem of Kavi Tulsi which depicts the abduction of Sita by Ravan (So if a poem or story is telling a historical truth to students we cannot infer that it encourages one to abduct other wives). The poem further explains Sita’s rescue where it describes battle b/w ram & ravan. Does that mean that NCERT is promoting Hardliners or violence? Also does not such kind of stories influxes superiority among hindus that who are superior’(the ones who were with Ram’s caste or those who were with Ravan’s caste?)

        We fully understand that poem has been included to teach morality (not to do what Ravan did) and standing against wrong (What Raam did). Sikh history is full of such instances and NCERT people should feel proud to include & print sikh history in the curriculum.


        we are seeing in the muslims of afghanistan and pakistan being thaught about there brave ancestors they are now extremist of there society

        So what the above statements means is that talking about Ram or Krishna (the hindi books have also stories about Krishna versus his mama Kans) is eventually promoting extremism in society. What is happening with Pakis or Afghanis is their problems not ours. Moreover while writing this response to your comments we did a little research about present History books taught in Class 9th by CBSE. We were shocked to find out (see yourself here) that modern that history texts teach students about cruel mass murder like Adolf Hitler. There is a full chapter of Nazism also. So what kind of society are we trying to form out by teaching students about devils like Adolf Hitler….Become mass murders?, Kill another 2 crore people, as he did in his regime?.

        The books can teach the French Revolution (see link) but why not anything on sikh revolution. Moreover the sikh history is full of instances where sikhs have only raises sword against tyranny and not for annexation or cruelty on humans. The most significant sacrifice as far as whole of India is concerned is that of 9th Sikh Guru, Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji who gave his head to stop Aurangzeb who was forcefully converting Hidnus to Islam. Even after when Aurangzeb did not stop 10th Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji raised sword to crush his tyranny & have a society free of cruelty & oppression which Indians were facing at the hands of those cruels rulers.

        So the sikh history will instill the feelings of standing up for righteousness, truthfulness, against oppressions and make a crime free society rather than giving rise to extremism.


        but this religious teaching is mandatory if you take up punjabi in your school or join a punjabi medium school

        So who is promoting separatism this article or those who gave you this information that sikh teachins are restricted to sikh schools only? Why does not same rule applies everywhere?

        Again, its not being in a punjabi medium school. Its about what has happened on the very soil of India, which needs to be taught when they are teaching History of India. If what NCERT chief says is to be believed that only students reading in Punjabi medium need to know sikh history, then every non- hindu in non minority schools (punjabi in this case) should be given a choice of not reading history that is connected to Hindus (that of Ram, Krishna,or Lakhsmi Bai etc.). But conversely every students irrespective of his religion is taught so in government or public schools. The point we are trying bring is that, its not about being a punjabi, sikh, non sikhs, hindus or non hindu, its about truth and true Indian History which must be taught to everyone.


        Indian education system doesn’t tell about the hindu massacre by mughals..

        Who says this? The social study history books are full of histories of Babar, Akbar, Janhagir, Aurangzeb, Abdali and what they did in India. The books even have stories of cruel British Rulers who slaved Indians and killed them for over 200 hundred years. Moreover sikh revolution was not about massacre but was to stand up against the wrong.


        all not to instigate seperationist feeling in the ppl…

        This has been answered in Point#4

        So to sum up the truth needs to be upheld and presented in the right manner in the Indian educational Educational System and that’s what the national theme is Satyameva Jayate” (satyam-eva jayate सत्यमेव जयते) (Satya ki sda jeet hoti hai).

  13. Sukhwinder Singh Jandu says:

    Sikhs are the bravest beings on earth. I and my friends thought that 300 was an imitation of the 40 immortals…but we have a history of our own. But who in this world would dare act as Siri Guru Gobind Singh ji to make a movie, its impossible! Guruji was not just someone! No one can imitate him….but our history has to be spread somehow so that people know that 300 was nothing a battle compared to ours

  14. Yeah! Manpreet veerji very nice fact you have mentioned about the biased nature of our indian text books.. and you know the consequence of this.. that today’s young sikhs question that how could it happen that 40 men army fought against such large numbers.. coz they think that had it been truth it would have been mentioned in the textbooks.. none of the great battles of guru hargobind sahib ji is also talked about in any text books.. this is a vicious circle.. young and innocent minds do not know that it is the biasing of indian authorities which is hiding the truth from the world.. they fear that if people know the truth .. they will start loving sikhism..

    we all have to stand united to do prachar of our wonderful history.. and this prachar is not only thru textbooks, movies etc.. (although they are a very strong channel) but also thru self-practice of guru’s teachings..

    if we ourselves are fully absorbed into sikhi with no doubts.. then there can not be better mode of prachar .. than a chalda-firda prachar :)

  15. Gautam says:

    I want to read more about this legend. Can someone guide me as to where can I get info on the names of the 40 warriors, their background, their way of life etc. Thanks

  16. gurjeet singh says:

    jo bole so nihal sat shri akaal

  17. KING2010BC says:


  18. KING2010BC says:


  19. Sahibjeet singh says:

    Dear manpreet veerji , very well written….if writers can write about glories of hindu an mughal kings, then why cant they write about gr8 sikh gurus!!Not only ncert but other school books also mention about sikhs in a short paragraph, while hindu and life stories of mughal rulers are described an detail…..they dont write about the real KINGS…. The real stars…the real martyrs………ONE MORE THING….inspite of doing this much for the hindus, they still crack jokes on sikhs…..why aren’t we doing anything for that?? Gurufateh ji..

    • gurpreet singh says:

      sahibjeet veere, i m going disagree with u
      first sikhan di history kitaban ch likhke school sikhaun lag paye tan kai anjaan bache eh kitaban di shaid na sambhal kare baki jehri gal tuso hinduan di kar reha si, sare sikh pehla hindu hunde c, sikhinm found in 15 century before that all us were hindu so the credit goes to sikhs too

      • Manpreet_Singh says:

        @ Gurpreet Singh. Sikhi originated in India with the birth of Guru Nanak. A lot of local Indian converted to sikhi after the great message Baba Nanak spread.I ts a matter of Guru Ji’s will where he wanted to come. He chose India and prior to Guru Sahib India was majorly a Hindu country. Had Guru Sahib took prakash in any western country(say USA) then lot of “Christians” would have converted because of his truthful message. So it is wrong to say sikh pehla hindu hunde si. because Guru sahib’s second sikh was Bhai Mardana(who was a muslim) and many muslim excepted Guru Sahib’s sikhi in Iraq also.

  20. Gurmeet Singh says:

    Dear Gautam,

    If you need more information in details about these Brave sikh men, you can visit any Historical Gurudwara, talk to Sevadaars (Care Takers ) over their, I am sure they will definitely guide you on this, or you can search it on the google also…
    I hope you will find your answers….

  21. pkkkpmp says:

    I am a Hindu…I am here to pay my respects to the Great Sikh People…..and ask Gurunak Dev Ji for his blessings to become a good Hindu. ..So that in the future..if ever there is a Hindu servant who is offered money to side with the enemy of the Sikhs….He should willingly accept death than to betray the Sikhs

  22. sohan lal says:

    sikh brothers and sisters,
    i will tell u one more martyor of chamkaur that is bibi bhikhan.she gor martyor on shahi tibbi along with bhaee jeevan singh ji,bhaee uday singh ji,bhaee bachiter singh ji,she was a daughter of bhaee bajjar singh who was arm trainer of guru gobind singh.his husband bhaee alim singh nachna ji got martyordom on the next day at chamkaur sahib along with 2 sons and a brother bhaee vir singh.bibi bhikhan is ignored as compare to maee bhago! why? do the sikh intectuals leadres ,relgious persons have the answer for this?if any of u hv the answer for this pls reply to my mail at
    i sohan lal as follower of guru nanak accept u the khalsa as my military of down trodens will u accept me as sikh of guru nanak?where we stand we dont follow on god?we follow blooday rashis [horroscopes }from tv and print media!we are forgeting the min power house GURU NANAK SAHIB JI,
    jst following so called saints like ranjit dhattriw or dhandri wala,they are jst transformers not the generators.
    drugs wine,female child abortions we are number one in the world.punab is going to b somalia soon.
    khalsa is was in minority is reducing further by other religious missions who are evn un is easy to talk on net.
    come forward to save khalsa,

  23. Satwinder says:

    Waheguru G Ka Khalsa Waheguru G Ki Fateh hi… tis a feeling of great regret that we on being brought up in sikh households cannot do ny thng for the sikh prachar,, cant we complain on wide scale to the ncert org. to print the truth about the valiant sikh history ??

  24. Amar pal singh says:

    Sat Shri Akal Ji.
    Frist of all i would really like to thanks alot of almighty waheguru god for giving me birth in Sikhism and my salute to the 40 most powerfull khalsa army of guru ji. wish i would have been one of them.
    I would also like to hightlight the current situation of punjab and punjabi youths who are addicted to drug and gang war and also massive decline of ground water.
    My Guru ji dan dan shri guru gobind saheb ji , Please make our sikh drug free and pure vege and meditate of god name with unconditional love for all. Waheguru ji ka khalsa wahegure ji ke fateh.

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