All Round Personality and Great History of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji

Talking of Saint Hood and Wise People on this earth, we find very few of them actually who are connected to true lord. Most of us are religious from outside but our inner is reverse of it. We talk of being attached to Nirbhau (fearless) but actually very weak and afraid of circumstances. India is a land of spiritual wisdom but Even the spiritual men here were so weak that they could not defend their faith.

A small army of Baabar with mere 500 men ruled India. Anyways that’s a separate matter but the concrete of this article is on the all round life of Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Coming to the history of holy people found on this earth there are four types of noble men:

1. Fighters ( Shoorvirs )

2. Saints ( Bhagats )

3. Writers (Philosophers)

4. Givers (Charity giving)

But there is no person on this earth who had all the four qualities of being a fighter, a writer, a giver as well as saint too. If we look deeply into life of tenth Sikh Guru Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji (who had all the qualities) but lets look those four major ones:

1. Fighter -> Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji fought 18 battles Lost none! and all for whom? (Just to fight against injustice). Another point here is that many may think that Guru Sahib were saving a particular religion (Hindus) or against any particular religion (islam). It was holy war against injust on humanity not for a particular religion. If Guru Sahib had any animosity with anyone then a Muslim Peer Budhu Shah would never had given his son and 500 other followers to fight with Guru Ji against injustice on Humanity.

2. Saint -> A Guru himself needs no spiritual introduction.

3. Writer -> Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji wrote loads of Bani (Dasam Granth) and has unique writing style. All writings are a literary masterpieces. Many beleive that sysmmetric poem (Sulabbh Kavya Sheli) of repititve words is the creation of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji

4. Giver -> People can give money or materialistic things in Charity but how great is Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji who gave his life, family, sons and everything not for his self but to stop injustice (that time prevalent in India) and save humanity.


So Guru Gobind Singh Ji is truly Glorious who indeed started Glorious Khalsa Panth. Vaisakhi is the mark of Amrit Ceremony foundation day. Guru Gobind Singh Ji is the defender of faith.

But it has been cruel at the part of my fellow Indian mates who disrespect sikhs by making ugly jokes, 1984 and so much.

So next time anyone disrespect sikhs just remember on thing said by a sufi saint Bulleh Shah:

AGAR NA HOTE GURU GOBIND SINGH TO SUNNAT HOTI SABKI” (If there was no selfless personality and sikh Sri Guru Gobind Singh then all Indians would have been a Muslim as Aurangzeb was doing forceful conversions of Hindus to Islam.)


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16 Responses to All Round Personality and Great History of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji

  1. Knowledge Seeker says:

    Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj JI!!!. There is nothing to describe how glorious our 10th Sri Guru Ji of sikhi is. You can tell just how much i respect Sri Guru Ji.

  2. Raja Singh says:

    One reason is that our sikh fellows, most of them do not read Rehat Maryada and go on doing Brahmnical rites and are discarding NIARA PAN (Uniqueness of Khalsa).
    Secondly in Punjab because of BJP Akali alliance, the power hunger are showing back to SIKH Tenets. They appease hindu voters even discarding Sikh uniqueness, such people go to JAGRATAs, you can see TILAK on Sikh foreheads and thread (GANA) around their hand (for example Navjot singh Sidhu Member parliament), a number of Shiromani Akali Dal workers and leaders including Parkash Singh Badal, Sukhbir Singh.
    In last elections one Mr Malooka of Shiromani Akali Dal carried on Sukhmani Sahib and HAWAN (Banned in Sikh rehat maryada) simultaneously to woo hindu votes. Anyhow lost the election

    Raja Singh
    Secy (Indian chapger)
    The Sikh House USA

  3. Amandeep Singh says:

    A small spelling mistake in the otherwise commendably well-written article. The word anonymity should be replaced by Animosity. The post is excellent but a post on Dashmesh Pita, Amrit De Date, Sarbans Dani Guru Gobind Singh should be perfect!

    Just a humble request.
    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Waheguru ji ki fateh!

  4. Paramjeet Singh says:

    Dear Veerji,

    Very well written article, but if you can check there is a spelling mistake in the para (1. Fighter – [Just to fight against justice], here it should be [Just to fight against injustice], i think, pls. check.

    Waheguruji Ka Khalsa,
    Waheguruji Ki Fateh.

  5. Hi,
    NO HAIR NO SINGH…………………..

  6. bapu_kehnda_no_tension says:

    waheguru waheguru

  7. snehpreet singh says:

    waheguruji ka khalsa waheguruji ki fateh! sab sikhan ko hukam hai guru manyo granth!! deh shiva var mohe ehi shubh karman te kab hoo na daroo na daroo ar syo jab jahe ladhoo nishchay kar apni jeet karo!!
    guru gobind singh guru gobind singhji apne sab bachya ute mehar bharya hath rakhyoji sabnu sache sikh banne di himmat te ik man ik chit rakhyo. apne charna nal la ke rakhyo, apne marg to bhatkan na denaji. rabji aapji da hukum hoye ta sab karaj hoye !! apne hukum te chalne di shakti deyoji!!! ikjot apni jagaayi rakhyo !! sahi karm karaayoji !! koi galt kam , koi galt kadam na rakhan dena. har marg te naal naal chalna mere guru sahebji!! apne bachya kolo aneka bhul chuka hoyia hon gi nadaan samaj kar maaf kar deyo sache paatshah; apne charna toh door kade vi na kari. je karee te meri jaan le leyoji!!! guru sahebji eh jaan tuhaadi haiji, eh prem saara tuhaade leyi haiji!! apni jaan samajh kar rakhi apne kol.
    “””jau to prem khelan ka chaoo hai sir dhar tali gali meri aao””!!!

  8. key west scuba says:

    Terrific blog, many fascinating points. I believe ten of days ago, I have seen a similar blog.

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  10. swapanjeet singh says:

    my hero Shri Dashmesh Pita Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj

  11. Parminder Singh Bedi says:

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh.
    This well tried publication will serve better to new generation who keeps eyes on net. May almighty turn them towards the most practical releigon on earth to make their life smooth & proud.May they start SAHEZ Path on daily basis with understanding the meanings if possible. Beleive me all readers almighty WAHEGURU will make you understand this way of living life with DIGNITY.

  12. Maneet Singh Nagi says:

    No doubt, it’s a very well written data…short but still descriptive & to the point.

    Yes, Sikh command respect & dnt demand…

    The biggest upset in the progress of Sikhism has been lack of good leaders. Though pointless to say, we cant get leaders like our 10 Gurus but no one even know their teachings…

    I think SGPC & other Sikh Bodies have failed miserably in spreading meaning of Sikhism & are busy saving their chairs.

    We need leaders who can win faith of all, stand in front, make efforts to promote Sikhism through vakhayas / prachars etc… but not for their individual growth or popularity as Ragis are doing these days ….

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa,
    Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh !

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  14. pSing says:

    what does the inscription on the image say? In pujabi and hindi and if possible english please?

  15. truth loving says:

    sikhism is a very good religion and gurus are respectable to all.the way guru gobind singh ji fought against unjustice was nice but not to blame muslims or religion for the unjustice.aurangzeb was a very stict muslim and wanted too much obedience from others even hatred for non muslims wich was not fine.anyways respect for all religions.mughals did not practised the real core of islam and were led by false mullas,and religious preachers of mosques.

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