JetAudio: The best free multimedia player/software review

Whenever we look out for a software the first thing in our mind is that will it solve my purpose or not. And when it comes to multimedia (audio, video) software the choice is much broader.

Windows provides its own media player, Real has its own and may more. But best best is certainly that which can solve multiple purposes. The one I find best in this regard is Cowon’s Jet Audio.

It can play more than normal audio/video formats which makes it a combination of Windows Media Player and others. Plus the audio recording feature surpasses all others.

Not only tat you can also convert your audio’s to a high or low size (quality and bit rate wise in Jet Audio only). This also makes it and audio converter.

So many features (viewing, recording and converter), I’m sure you will love using it.

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  1. shahid says:

    hello every one,
    how r u dear
    good job

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