Best Designing Softwares and Free Multimedia tools for designing

Designing is a very important forte of the presenting our work and efficient designing is a good profession too. As far as software goes Adobe Photoshop is the best for static graphics and poster designing. Macromedia Fireworks is also good but its more of a quick fix solution for web graphics or poster designing.

Yes I do recommend Fireworks for the starters to learn designing. But professionally speaking Adobe Photoshop is the best and preferred as a standard worldwide solution for the versatility Adobe’s Photoshop provides.

Coral Draw is the best software as for placards, static posters, layouts for the fact that it gives you the output directly in CMYK colour which is recoganised directly by printing machines. Now as we have discussed on the best designing tools lets discuss some free and useful multimedia tools required for designing:

1. Fonts: For fonts use 1001fonts where you can also get clip arts and good quotations required for static quotes.

2. Good Backgrounds: You can get free images from morguefile or everystockphoto or from freepixels

3. ZoomIt: A tool which can allow you to zoom a single pixel you have in your backgrounds. Once activated you can zoom into smallest of the defects in your design. Download Link: Zoom it

4. Slide Share: Just like youtube is a site for sharing videos, slideshare has a lots a of free tools for where get the feel how designers work. Plus you can tag your work and your work gets indexed on search engine. Go to Slideshare.

So all the best work hard but work smart.

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