Use Portable Apps on USB drive or CD to work on any Windows PC

PortableApps is collection suite for you to work on any windows PC round the world. The PortableApps Suite is jam packed with many more utilities which make the use of this suite worth it. For example browsing lovers can enjoy web browser, email client, messaging client and anti virus.

For people who want to work on their documents can avail the office suite, calendar/scheduler and PDF reader utilities to browse through their documents. Amongst all uses why we recommend this software for you is fact that the automatic security is guaranteed.This is because whenever you login in your email client you have to use some PC, which will save temporary files, cookies and other browsing data.

But here your web browser in PortableApps suite is installed on your USB drive. This means whenever you access anything using portableapps all your cookies, data etc., is saved in your USB drive itself rather than the PC you are working on. This is advantageous when working at Internet Cafes or colleges or public places where key loggers are a normal practice to hack your password.

Same way you dont have to save your documents you are working a the host PC. So you can work without the fear of your work getting copied. For fun lovers you can play minesweeper or other games etc. The Portable apps suite also allows you to have a backup utility and an integrated menu just like start prompt of windows. The antivirus ensures that no malicious data enter your virtual PC.

If you already have Portable Apps suite than you can download Portable Firefox 3.1, Gimp and Winamp which have just been released. To download this exciting Suite or Individual Apps get head to and grab it now.

If you dont have a USB drive or is too expensive to purchase a USB drive but you are still concerned about the security tips mentioned of logging in from Public Places. What to do? Don’t worry you can run now PortableApps on CD also. Here is the tutorial:

Voila cost reduction from USB drive to a mere CD. Increase your efficiency, Productivity with Minimum usage of resources.

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2 Responses to Use Portable Apps on USB drive or CD to work on any Windows PC

  1. It is interesting to watch the technology evolving. On a similar note Sandisk releases a USB stick with antivirus.

  2. INB says:

    How do you run portable chrome from a cd?

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