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15+ ways to find best deals for holiday shopping in United States

Holiday season is nearing and you always want to get the best price on the products you purchase. There are a lots of deals for laptops, cellphones, cameras, PCs, shoes, accessories, clothes etc. on Black Friday, Thanksgiving and upcoming holiday … Continue reading

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How to add Google Latitude or any gadget in your Gmail

Gmail is the hottest email client alive today. Not only emails sending or receiving you can do almost everything with your gmail. Gmail recently announced the arriving of Google Latitude to keep in touch with your family and friends.

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New from Google: Get Calendar for Gmail Desktop Version

After Gmail gadget, Gmail team has now developed a new version of the Google Calendar gadget for Google Desktop.With this now you can easily track of your upcoming appointments right from your desktop

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Really New: World’s 1st flying car coming soon

Flying car which was a dream sometime ago, but soon this dream may turn into reality¬† when the first flying automobile, scheduled to take to the air wiil come next month. If it survives its first test flight, the Terrafugia … Continue reading

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USB 3.0 (10 times faster) coming in 2010 showcased at CES

Technology has always been on high note at Tech meets. CES is famous for showcasing something which will be a future Technology. This time CES showcased the future of USB which will known as USB 3.0. It is being demonstrated … Continue reading

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Geek Washing Machine updates via twitter when clothes are done

No need to worry or stand in front of your machine to wait when the clothes washing will finish. Just set a twitter reminder and machine will update you when washing is done. This is useful for both personal and … Continue reading

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Shopping for the best Computers and Laptop, Get Discount in Holidays

Holiday season is up, so the shopping buzz has already started. I remember buying a PC, 3 years back in this holiday season in which I got a heavy discount and believe me round the year such discount are never … Continue reading

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Printing goes mobile with HP mobile printer, Print on the move

I had a talk with HP suggestion on how HP can make our mobile life better. Having worked on mobile projects for mobile devices,I randomly asked HP team to make me a mobile printer. Further I asked them to make … Continue reading

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4 Super tips to shop and buy the best portable dvd players

DVD player is a hardware product that decodes and plays DVD-Video media stored on an optical disc. The output device is generally a television set, although some players have built-in displays and speakers. It can also be computer software program … Continue reading

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Blu Ray Disk Technology, Sony Blu Ray Disks to replace DVD

Have you every wondered to take the back up of your favorite movies, videos or audio or any data into a single disk. Though DVDs came up with the possible solution with 2 to 4 GB of disk space but … Continue reading

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