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Gmail gets a new logo and a refined homepage

Gmail has been the fastest growing email since its launch. By using Ajax and built-in text/audio-video chat the Google team eliminated the need to install external chat software.

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Now you can make Free Phone Calls to anyone from Gmail

It is a very good news for Gmail users, as now you can make free calls to anyone who resides in US and Canada right within your gmail. Google team has made its possible by integrating voice and video chat … Continue reading

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Build Android Apps in minutes with Google App Inventor

Following the Microsoft’s .NET way, Google is developing a tool known as App inventor. With App Inventor you can develop Android apps by just dragging and dropping the item. The rest of background code is taken care of by App … Continue reading

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Google to serve better ads without reading your emails

In a recent blog post on Gmail blog, Google have put to rest all the controversies surrounding their policy of serving advertisements along your electronic mails coming in gmail inbox. But many wonder how does Google do it? Do they … Continue reading

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Goo.gl: The official URL shortner from Google

Google is making nice strides into consumer market on internet. Their latest inroad seems to be a url shortner. Yes Google has made its own url shortner which is currently used for Google products only.

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Google Nexus One vs Apple iphone : A quick Comparison Guide

2010 is special in many ways. First a decade has changed. Second the recession is fading away and off course third one is the new and exciting era of technological revolution standing ahead. To break of the ice Google has … Continue reading

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Admob: another acquired advertiser in Google’s kitty

Google is certainly set to make inroads in mobile advertising business. Last year Google had acquired double click to make its advertising reach rich media ads users also. Now its the time for some moile advertising in action.

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Tweak search results in google & labels in gmail

Gmail labs is often working to get something new for you or tweak the old one for better use. This time again they have done a tweak on labels which might help you reduce the clutter.

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Update on Google Latitude & 2009 Online Marketing Challenge

Google Latitude(service that lets you and your friends share your locations with each other) is now available for iPhone and iPod touch as a web application running in Safari.

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Hack attack on twitter’s employee, leak of Company info feared

The only company or app which has remained in news inspite of world recession is Twitter. As they say your foes grows more rapidly than friends and that’s what happening for Twitter.

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