How to Monitor Viber Messenger in 2020

How to Monitor Viber Messenger in 2020

Nowadays, we see that most people in our surroundings spend their precious hours doing useless activities on social media. People use famous social apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Twitter, Viber and Instagram. Among all these, Viber is more secure in terms of audio/video calls, messages and sharing files, so people use it for their most secret conversations with friends/ colleagues/ family.

But it has been seen that most teens start sharing inappropriate content (sexual or bullying stuff etc.) with, friends/ unknown and these things react back on kids’ mental and physical health. Likewise, employers caught their faithful employees in sharing their business secrets with the competitor. To put the mind at peace, spy technology provided a great way by empowering the parents and employers to track their kids’/ employees remotely and secretly.

Since the advanced technological spy software came, businesses and parents have got much benefited with them. It’s 2020, but still, TOS is the only spying software that has maintained its leading position till date. It beats other Software based on its outstanding and unique features like 360 surrounding recorder and 360 cameras spying as well. Now, we discuss how TheOneSpy help people to monitor Viber messenger is.

TheOneSpy Viber Messenger Spying Apps

TheOneSpy is an old spying software with its over 250 unique and outstanding features. Among other powerful features of TOS, TOS Viber spy app is a wonderful and reliable application. A user can track every single activity of the targeted person performed on their Viber messenger. A user can also track every sent/ received a message, call and shared a file with actual time and date of the conversation.

TOS Two Ways of Spying on Viber

TheOneSpy gives two solutions to users, so a user can spy on targeted Viber messenger with any of them. Here are TOS 2 Viber spying ways.

1- Viber Messenger Spy App

2- Viber Screen Recorder

Let’s discuss TOS both Viber spying apps that how do they work and help users.

  • TOS Viber Messenger Spy App

It empowers the user to direct spy on targeted messengers by viewing live activities. To get this powerful app, you just need to install it in the targeted device. User can monitor which kind of conversation is going and can remotely block if anyone is threatening your loved one.

With the TOS Viber Messenger Spy App, a user can:

  •  Have a look at any conversation with actual time stamps.
  •  Spy on live messages of the targeted person with anyone.
  •  Get the history of targeted Viber chat.
  • TOS Viber Screen Recorder

It enables the user to record targeted Viber messenger activities without any fear. A busy person can send command of recording conversations automatically.

With TOS Viber Screen Recorder, a user can:

  •  Have a look at all received and sent messages/ call/ multimedia files.
  •  Monitor login details of targeted Viber as well.

How do the different user can monitor Viber messenger with TOS?

Here we will see how a user can get benefit from TOS outstanding Viber spying apps.

  • Parental Monitoring

Many predators on social media especially targeted teens/ kids. Children easily believe in anyone and then face trouble, as they cannot even share with parents. So, parents can monitor kids activities secretly and can get the reason behind their health.

  • Employee Monitoring

Some dishonest employees share business secrets with a competitor just for some money. An employer can monitor their employees’ Viber conversation to make sure that they are not sharing business any sensitive information with anyone. TOS Viber spying also empowers the employer to evaluate their employee performance 100% accurately.

  • Spy on Spouse

Are you afraid of ending your relationship with your daily fights? Have you any doubt that your partner is cheating you? Well, no worries, you can take the help of TOS advance apps for spying on Viber messenger and can prevent your relation by dealing according to a situation.


If you are in any doubt about your kids/ employees/ partner, so use a powerful tool of TOS for Viber and figure out the reality. Whether you are a working person, employer, individual or partner, you can use TOS Viber spying apps enables the user to monitor Viber messenger and can get real-time reliable information.