Proper tips to use the ketomac Cream

Proper tips to use the ketomac Cream

The ketomac cream must be used in the proper mechanism as directed by the doctor. One must not use more of it and should not use it more often or for a longer period as suggested by the doctor. Doing such can cause various unwanted side-effects to the person using it. This medicine is to be used only for the skin and should not get it into the eyes, nose, vagina or mouth. One did not also use it on the skin which has cuts or burns. In case by mistake one applies it to such a scheme which has burn then one must visit with a large quantity of water as soon as possible.

 Following are some of the tips for the patients using the cream:

 Number one: One must apply enough of the cream to cover the affected and surrounded areas and one must rub the cream gently over that area.

 Number two: in case one wants to get rid of this infection one must use the cream for the proper time of treatment.

 Number three: the fungal infection takes some time to clear up and the process is very much slow so one must continue applying the cream for several weeks as recommended by the doctor.

 Number four: can you guess the symptoms return after stopping the uses of this medicine then one must consult the doctor as soon as possible.

 Number five: the dosage of the cream will be different for different patients. One must follow the orders and recommendations of the doctor and also the instructions mentioned on the label of the product for such queries.

Number six: any case doctor advises something different from which is mentioned on the label then one must follow the advice is by the doctor as experts know well.

Number seven: the amount of dosage of the medicine that also depends upon the strength of the medicine.

Number eight: The dosage of the cream will also depend upon the age of the patient. The dance can use and apply the cream to the affected area once a day. The children can use and apply the cream as determined by the doctor.

In case one has missed any dos then one must apply it as soon as possible one remembers. In any case, it is near to the time of the next dose then one must skip that particular dose and go back to the normal dosing schedule. One must store the cream in a container at room temperature and must be kept away from moisture and heat.

The product must also be kept away from the reach of children and one must not use outdated medicine. Also one must consult the professionals before disposing of any of the product which is not of use now. One must apply the cream with clean and dry hands and one must also watch that hands after applying the cream.

The ketomac cream uses are many and one must use it in proper consultation with the doctor.